5 Sneaky Ways to Freshen Up Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are the place you don’t want any scents to be obvious or noticeable. Whether it’s a good or a bad smell, discrete is always better. So we came up with a list of sneaky ways you can freshen up your bathroom.

1. The most obnoxious bathroom scents tend to linger around the toilet, so the best blast to hide a sneaky air freshener is right next to the toilet. The BoQày TP Air Freshener sits directly inside the roll so with every pull there’s a burst of scent.

2. Hang an Auto Pendant Air Freshener from your shower head. Make sure it’s not directly hanging in the water, and not touching the plastic of your tub. The Auto Pendant Air Freshener is a great way to add a fresh touch to your shower.

3. If you have a hand towel rack hanging an Auto Pendant Air Freshener behind the towel is another sneaky way to add a touch of fragrance.

4. Placing a BoQày Scent Disk in your cabinet is a covert way to keep musty smells at bay and your linens fresh-smelling.

5. The last sneaky tip, sit a BoQày Uplift Candle on the back of your toilet. People will wonder how your bathroom ALWAYS smells so fresh even though the candle isn’t lit. The candle provides the perfect way to keep the odors at bay without even thinking.

Comment your favorite way to kick odor out the door! 

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