5 Unique Tips To Help You Relax

We’re all searching for the one magical tip that will help us relax and slip into a peaceful and calming state when we need it. The truth is relaxation is a mixture of different practices that when practiced routinely, can induce a relaxed state. Some of us find it much harder to find the methods that work well for us than others. So rather than try all the old tricks, we found some new ones for you to try:

1. Brew Some Coffee

We know what you’re thinking, “isn’t caffeine the opposite of what we want to do here?” In most circumstances, you would be right, but just smelling coffee as its being roasted and brewed can calm you down. Especially if you really enjoy your morning cup of Joe. Brew yourself a decaf or weak cup of coffee and take a moment to inhale the aroma deeply, take a sip, and let the coffee easy your stress.

2. Plan a trip in your head

Think of your favorite place in the world. Maybe you’ve visited it, perhaps you dream of going there. Take a moment to close your eyes and imagine yourself in that place, with your favorite people. Let yourself think of the place you would stay, the food you would eat, the fun you would have in this place. Just considering these happy thoughts can induce a state of relaxation. 

3. Sniff an orange

We promise we’re not crazy; research has shown that smelling a citrus scent such as orange can reduce anxiety and promote relaxation. Fresh ripe orange isn’t very handy to carry around, but you keeping an orange essential oil on you is quick, convenient, and accessible. 

4. Stretch

You can do it sitting in your chair, or standing up, but it doesn’t need to be a whole yoga session or anything. Stretching your arms, back, and legs can do wonders for your mental state. Don’t know how to stretch? Check out a helpful guide here.

5. Try Aromatherapy

This ancient practice helped your ancestors, and it can help you too. Scents like lavendereucalyptus, and lemongrass are some of the most popular oils to use, but anything that smells good to you can help promote relaxation. 

Save this article, and use these tips the next time you need help relaxing. Post your favorite tricks to relax in the comments below!

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