8 of the Most Bizarre Scented Products on the Market

We all know the sense of smell is powerful. It can boost our mood, electrify our desires, or even alert us to danger. The power of scent has not gone unnoticed, either. Companies and corporations are aware of scent’s enhancing abilities, and have developed an entire market of fragranced products—from the typical to the weird and unnecessary—to cater to consumers’ obsession with scent.

Though some scented products have little to no practical implications, consumers still gravitate toward them because they offer a unique value and experience that fragrance free products simply do not. Or in other words, we are a species obsessed with things that smell good.

Let’s get real, though, scented products are kind of getting out of hand (thanks, internet!). Here are 8 of the weirdest (and unnecessary) scented products on the market today.

  1. Pencils

By adding scent to pencils, it gives a cutting-edge boost to a rather boring product. Plus, it helps smelly pencils—a.k.a. Smencils—stand out from competitor pencils. As far as practicality, certain scents may improve focus, but others may just be a distraction. Regardless, scented pencils seem a bit unnecessary.

  1. Tampons

There’s some places you just don’t want to put scented products, and inside a woman’s body is definitely one of them. A woman’s body relies on itself to regulate pH levels, balance bacteria, and self-clean. So, when it comes to scented tampons, there is literally no practical implication. If anything, they’re a health hazard at best.

  1. USB drives

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wish my USB drive smelled better?” Yeah, didn’t think so. When it comes to unnecessary products, this one takes the cake. Other than making your work area maybe smell a little better, it seems like the main purpose of scented USB drives is to generate more interest in the product from consumers.

  1. Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is a necessity, meaning people are going to buy it regardless of any added features. Why, then, did companies start adding in fragrances? Hmmm. Scented toilet paper, like scented tampons, seems a bit unhealthy. Instead, why not just use a TP air freshener?

  1. Mascara

Scented mascara is another bizarre product on the market today. We can understand scented lipsticks and glosses, as your lips are right under your nose, but what exactly is the purpose of fragranced mascara? You can’t smell your own eyes, so the practicality of this product is lost on us.

  1. Pacifiers

Yep. Even baby products are scented now. Companies say that adding fragrances like vanilla to pacifiers can help calm and soothe a fussy child, which is exactly what a pacifier already does. Their tiny bodies are extremely sensitive, as are their immune systems, so adding unnecessary chemicals to products they suck or chew on just seems a bit risky.

  1. Erasers

After making a mistake using your scented pencil, you can cover it up using a scented eraser. Why? Because scented products are just more fun, I guess.

  1. Phone cases

Just when you thought phone accessories couldn’t get any more bizarre, scented iPhone cases came out. The practical implications are few and far between, but it’s probably fun to make everyone wonder “what’s that smell?” all the time.

From the weird to the unnecessary, we must admit that scented products are a bit intriguing. But, before you accept these bizarre items into your daily regime, consider the practical implications and health hazards that may be behind the word “fragrance.” Sometimes everyday products should just stay fragrance free. As for us, we’ll stick with candles and air fresheners for our olfactory interests.

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