Natural Vs. Essential Oils

Let’s explore what natural and essential oils are. You know how each one is extracted and where they both originate. In this post, we’re going to venture into their differences and why you would use one over the other. 

When it comes to the aromatherapy world, essential oils have reigned for a very long time. We have always recommended diffusing these oils, as there are many therapeutic and relaxing benefits to smelling the aromas. But many see the limiting factors behind diffusing pure essential oils as there is not as wide of a range of scents. 

Natural oils, however, are very versatile in their range of scents and aromas because we can draw from many natural compounds to create new and refreshing scents. While each component to a natural oil is naturally derived, mixing them in a natural oil “cocktail” can create a unique and enchanting scent such as fresh air, sunshine, and many others. Natural oils have their place in aromatherapy. 

So when it comes to choosing between a natural oil or essential oil, you have to weigh your wants and needs. Essential oils are scents and fragrances that you would find in nature and are unaltered. Natural oils are a mix of scents found in nature to create a new scent. Both can be used in the place of traditional synthetic fragrances, but natural oils can replace synthetic fragrances AND allow you to keep the same scents synthetic fragrances use, but in a natural form. 

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