The Benefits of Natural Oils

Essential oils have become such a phenomenon in recent years that we don’t hear much about natural oils or why they might be better than essential oils in some cases. Depending on what your individual needs are, you could be missing out on another potent and useful oil. Natural oils are derived from mixtures of organic compounds, creating brand new aromas. 

So the question is, what are your needs? Are you using your oils for aromatherapy, cleaning, air-freshening? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then essential oils may not be the best option for you in terms of cost OR fragrance power. 

Natural oils tend to be more cost-effective than essential oils because they are easier to extract and require less oil from each compound. They also tend to have a wider variety of fragrances because combinations of oils are almost limitless. So giving up your synthetic fragrances, but still keeping your favorite scents, are now possible with natural oils. 

So whether you use essential or natural oils or a little of both, it’s vital to understand the benefits and drawbacks of both so that you can make the best decision for your all-natural needs. To get started using natural and essential oils view our Natural Air collection here.

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