The Most Unnecessary Pumpkin-Scented Products On The Market Today

Fall is in the air, which means so is the scent of pumpkin spice. The endless flurry of pumpkin-scented products is truly getting out of hand. Nothing is safe from being pumpkinized—not even your pets! There are certain things that are just better off free of pumpkin domination.

Some of these products are a straight up abomination. Try not to gag at this list of the most unnecessary pumpkin-scented products on the market today.


If you’re so obsessed with pumpkin scent that you can’t go a second without smelling it, this is a must have! Rub this pumpkin spice bar soap all over your body and the smell will never leave your nose.

Shampoo/Body Wash/Bubble Bath all in one!

Take your pumpkin spice addiction to the next level by washing your hair and taking a bubble bath in this pumpkin icing product by Philosophy.


Finish up your basic beauty routine by swiping on some pumpkin spice-scented deodorant by all-natural deodorant brand, Native. Because why not?

Lip Balm

I mean, it is autumn; shouldn’t the pumpkin spice flavor be on your lips 24/7? If your answer is yes (for some reason), try this lip balm by Burt’s Bees. Never go without the taste of fall.

Pet Shampoo

In order to complete your transformation into the Pumpkin Spice Queen (or King—the scent doesn’t discriminate), your pets should all reek of pumpkins as well. Good thing this pumpkin spice scented pet shampoo exists

While some may say we are living in the golden age of pumpkin spice, others may fear a complete world domination in the shape of a giant pumpkin. After seeing all the pumpkin flavored and pumpkin scented products on the market today, the latter may be correct. In order to remain safe and divert attention away from you, stay inside and fill your house with our pumpkin spice air fresheners. Don’t come out until December.

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