Tips To Get Your Home Ready For The Holidays

The holidays have snuck up on us yet again! This year get your home holiday-ready in no time with these tips:

Don’t get too caught up on cleaning

Clean the main spaces such as your kitchen, dining room, bathrooms, and living rooms. The spaces your guests and relatives are going to be in are going to be the most important. Don’t spend hours cleaning the attic and bedrooms, focus your time and energy on the spaces where pictures will be taken, food will be served, and food will be prepared.

Make sure you can SMELL the holiday cheer too

No sense can transform the atmosphere of a room quite like smell can. Bring the classic scents of the season like cranberry, pumpkin spiceapplecinnamon, and pine inside by diffusing essential oils throughout the home. Let the nostalgia from the scents calm you and your guests and bring back fond childhood memories.

Bake some Christmas cookies!

Or if baking isn’t your thing, just buy some from the store to leave out for guests and family. There’s nothing better than sitting around eating treats and catching up with everyone. It gives your hands something to do, and most people aren’t as calorie-conscious during the holidays, so don’t hold back, use the REAL butter.

Designate a “kid” and “adult” space

Don’t put up signs or make it a formal divide or anything, but set up a nice little space for adults can have a respite from the chaos of children running around your feet for a moment or two. Make sure the adult space has a few comfy chairs, and maybe a blanket or two for a nap between meals. Make sure the kid space has all cabinets locked and pointed furniture protected, as well as a movie running at all times. We recommend the new Grinch movie that you can buy here on Amazon!

But most of all, getting your home ready for the holidays is much more about the PEOPLE in your home, not the home itself. Making sure your space is happy, clean, and comfortable is just a small part of making sure your holiday season is fun and cheery. Making your guests happy with your time, energy, and warmth is what the holiday season is really about. Let us know your tips for getting your home ready for the holidays in the comments below!

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