Why Do We LOVE Pumpkin Spice?

Around this time every year, we see a familiar and seasonal trend start up again. Everything becomes pumpkin spice scented, flavored, and colored Wh is this seemingly simple spice given center stage every year as Fall approaches?


This yearly phenomenon can actually be attributed to… your nose! Our sense of smell is the only sense that connects directly to the amygdala, the emotional powerhouse of the brain. Certain scents can easily trigger memories, emotions, and can promote happiness. It’s no wonder when our minds go haywire at the smell of that rich, fall-inspired scent that is pumpkin spice. Fall and pumpkin spice remind us of pumpkin pie, hayrides, leafy forests turning into colorful wonderlands, and all the fun things that Fall brings.

So this year, as the inevitable tidal wave of pumpkin spice products hits the market yet again, let your amygdala do its thing and whip up those happy thoughts! As if we needed another excuse to get a Pumpkin Spice Latte right?

Need your pumpkin spice fix? Natural Air Oils has the perfect pumpkin spice oil for you, or you can try this pumpkin spice car air freshener from BoQày!

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